What you should expect from a vaccine injury lawyer

Richard Moeller - Vaccine Injury AttorneyIf you have found information about SIRVA, vaccine injury, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program “NVICP,” you know that there are many lawyers willing to help.  And maybe you have contacted some of them.  If so, hopefully they have told you what we will tell you…

  • Yes, we offer “free consultation” meaning we will visit with you about your situation at no cost to you.
  • Yes, when you send us a message about your situation, we will read it and respond to you within a day or two, and usually within a few hours. And we will try to set up a time to visit with you as soon as possible.
  • Yes, when we get together, in person or by phone, you will be visiting directly with a lawyer who has experience in vaccine injury cases
  • Yes, we will explain how the NVICP works, and what we can do to help you.
  • Yes, we will explain that, if we file a claim for you, we will pay the necessary costs and not charge you any fees for our services. And if you are entitled to compensation, those costs and fees will NOT be paid from the amount paid to you.
  • No, we will not, and cannot charge you a contingent fee for handling your case.


There are several lawyers who handle vaccine injury cases, and will do a great job.  We are confident our team at Vaccine Injury Pros are among them.  You can contact us about a possible Vaccine Injury by visiting our Contact page. And you can learn more about the NVICP and the firm’s representation of persons with possible Vaccine Injury claims by visiting the Vaccine Injury page and other articles in our Blog.

Why you need to know about Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

If you or your child have ever received a vaccine, such as the normal childhood immunizations (DTaP, MMR, etc.), or the HPV vaccine (including Gardasil), or the seasonal flu vaccine, you may have been given an information sheet.  Those sheets include facts about the diseases being prevented by the vaccine, and possible side effects.

They also contain contact information about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for persons who believe they may have been injured by the vaccine.  It includes a link to the VICP website, which describes the program and how to file a claim.  There, you can learn that a claim is a very complicated process, and that most persons are therefore represented by lawyers.

The Program implemented plans in 2014 and 2015 to better promote public awareness of the VICP.  Still, most people have no idea that there is compensation available to them when they have an adverse reaction following a shot or immunization.  To make matters worse, just as often the physician, doctor, nurse, hospital, clinic, or pharmacy where they received the injection or where they are receiving treatment will not know about the VICP.


The importance of knowing about the VICP and contacting a lawyer is critical because there is a limited amount of time to file a claim, called a statute of limitation.  This means that as soon as a person shows the first sign or symptom of the reaction, they have three years to file a claim, or two years if the person dies from the reaction.  And it doesn’t matter if the person isn’t aware of the program or even if they are not told by their doctor that the condition they have may be from a vaccine.

Richard Moeller - Vaccine Injury Attorney


How can Vaccine Injury Pros help you? 

Because of the limited amount of time allowed for filing a claim, when we receive an email or call, we return that contact quickly to visit with you about the possibility that you may have a claim for compensation.  There is no fee involved then or at any time to talk about the claim, or for us to investigate the claim, or for us to pursue the claim.  Also, the firm pays the expenses incurred to pursue the claim. Therefore, the case can be handled free of charge. And if the claim is paid, any legal fees and costs are paid separately from the amount the person receives, so that the recovery is not reduced by legal expenses. Therefore, there is no reason for a person to not be represented by a lawyer in a Vaccine Injury claim.

You can contact us  for a FREE consultation about a possible Vaccine Injury by visiting our Contact page. And you can learn more about the NVICP and the firm’s representation of persons with possible Vaccine Injury claims by visiting the Vaccine Injury page and other articles in our Blog.


Things to Know when Hiring a Vaccine Attorney

If you are searching the internet for a lawyer to help with a reaction or side effect to a vaccination, your results may be flooded with attorneys and law firms promoting their ability to help you with your personal injury case. And eventually you will find that none of those lawyers fit what you are looking for.

This is because your situation involves a “Vaccine Injury,” an area of law much different than ordinary personal injury. And the differences between the two are like night and day.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) is a federal program which compensates persons who experience a Vaccine Injury, which occurs when a child or adult experiences certain adverse reactions after receiving one of several vaccinations covered under the NVICP. Claims for compensation to the NVICP are made to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims located in Washington, D.C., by filing a petition. Most “petitioners” are represented by lawyers who must be admitted to practice in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

If you asked a lawyer specializing in personal injury, he or she may not even be aware of the existence of the NVICP (even most doctors and hospitals are unaware). The lawyer may tell you that in order to recover for your injury,  you have to sue the pharmaceutical company who manufactured the vaccine, or the doctor, clinic, or pharmacy which administered it.  And they would probably be wrong. If the lawyer tells you they will represent you for a contingent fee, they would not realize that if recovery for a vaccine injury claim is allowed, the NVICP pays the lawyer, separate and apart from the person’s recovery.

If you think you may have suffered an injury from a vaccination, the most important thing to know is this: whether or not you choose us, you should contact a lawyer with experience in the NVICP.

You can contact us about a possible vaccine injury by visiting our Contact page. And you can learn more about the NVICP and our representation of persons with possible vaccine injury claims by visiting our website at Vaccine Injury Pros and other articles in our Blog. Our lawyers are also found at the Court’s list of Vaccine Attorneys, and on the Member Directory of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association.